Monday, March 1, 2010

Texas Can Take You Higher!

A report in the San Antonio Express News relays that Texas is actively recruiting faculty from the battled California colleges.

Texas colleges are predicting that the uncertain state of financial affairs in California has top researchers nervous about their future in California. A HUGE ad has been placed in the the Chrony stating the good health of Texas schools and economy.

So, here at UTB/TSC we are facing a 4 million dollar shortfall and a hiring slow down as we look at our financial outlook for next year.

The article states where Texas has channeled additional funding to higher education. Most of it has gone to create more Tier 1 colleges in their efforts to boost research. This is what is we call "revenue generating faculty".

But there is also another type of "revenue generating faculty" those are teaching faculty that nurture students to graduation through excellent teaching by connecting with students with through clubs, undergraduate research, seminars, publishing, service learning, research fairs, and other activities that get students involved beyond the textbook.

When I was at Westminster College, they called themselves a teaching college, but that didn't mean there was no research; there was tons. Because of the research they did in Biology, 5 out of 5 students that applied for medical school got in. Because of the connections with faculty outside of the classroom 96% of the freshman made it to graduation. (Top rated on exit surveys)

The top Texas college administrators said that this is the economic time for states to invest in higher education. To be a teaching college, we also need labs, student gathering places, clubs, and other activities. These cost money. UTB/TSC is also a great investment.

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